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Custom create a map with PeculiarPDesigns! I take any map you have sketched, and turn it into a high-quality, PRINTED map, which will be sent as soon as the design is approved.

Send a sketch or drawing of the map you've invented:


1. Name of the world/main bodies of land
2. Any fonts you prefer, if any
3. Names of all cities, towns, rivers, forests and roads you want to see on the map
4. Specify if you prefer symbols to mark places (e.g. A diamond to mark every location, or a building symbol to mark ruins and castles, etc.)
5. Provide a sketch showing the shape and general location of cities and bodies of water. The sketch doesn't need to be incredibly detailed, just legible so I can ensure all places are spelled correctly
6. If you would like specific placements of forests, mountain ranges and deserts, let me know, otherwise I will fill in the land with what seems topographically believable
7. Specify the size/ dimensions of your map. If you would like some advice on this, most maps are made in A1, 24x36" or 36x48" format, but anything can be done.


Great for any homebrewed TTRPG session!

**Please note: after the initial design layout is established, only THREE revisions will be made, meaning the design will be sent for approved fixes and specifications three times. This is to ensure less back-and-forth communication, and an efficient and timely issuance of the digital product download.**


NOTES ABOUT DELIVERY TIME: I estimate a project timeline of 3-4 weeks to be generous for timezone differences and revisions.

(If you want a digital copy instead of printed, I have a separate listing for that!)


***A-size series are for European and Australian orders. 
****Inch-size series is for North American orders.


(Does not come framed)

Create and Customize Your Fantasy Map *PRINTED*

PriceFrom £100.00
  • Unframed

    • Parchment brown or white background
    • Font specifications (if there are any)
    • Names of cities
    • Sketch of layout
    • Any more information that may be needed, including roadways and region names, etc.
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