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A one-page, one-shot RPG game requiring a d6 dice, one GM and as many players as you'd like at the table.


Story overview:

You're genetically re-engineered dinosaurs living in a theme park. You're constantly tranquilized and taken into the lab to be poked and prodded. IT SUCKS. You've watched the humans. You've learned from them. Now, it's time to escape! But, you quickly realize you can't do it alone.


The specs:

Players can choose (or roll randomly) for their dinosaur species. Each species has different abilities. Then they roll or choose a descriptor and a role.

There are two stats: Escape and Dinosaur. One doesn't want to tip too close to either edge.


Included in this download:

A zip file containing...

  1. One-Shot RPG page for GM + players
  2. Island Map
  3. Laboratory Map
  4. GM Notes
  5. Gadgets List
  6. Tablet Puzzle


The story primer:

You want to escape the park and get off this remote island so you can eat what you want, claim territory, and mate to your heart’s content. You wouldn’t mind killing some humans while you’re at it.
Humans designed you in strange, prehistorically inaccurate ways: none of you has feathers, some of you are the wrong size, have inexplicable blinding venom, or have motion-based vision. It doesn’t really make sense.

If carnivores and herbivores are in your party, you have made a tentative truce while dealing with the humans. You can communicate with each other, but human speech evades you.

You’ve observed the humans for a long time. You’ve learned some of their ways. Now, it’s time to kill 'em...

Dino Ditch One Page RPG

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