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Printed on high quality matte poster paper, available in a variety of sizes and 3 background colour options for each orientation.


Please note: colour may not be exactly as it appears on screen. For example, the navy background is a very dark blue.


***A-size series are for orders in Europe, Australia and Asia***
****Inch-size series is for North American orders****


(Customized or Digital Download Maps Available Upon Inquiry)


Design: This sci-fi inspired ship schematic was digitally hand drawn and depicts the U.S.S. Enterprise spaceship from the Star Trek series. These blueprints of the NCC-1701 will bring you back to the space-travelling adventures of Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura, Mr Spock, Doctor McCoy, Engineer Scotty, Chekov, Sulu, and all the rest. Options for a space, "chalkboard" grey, white or parchment coloured background.



Backdrop attributes courtesy of www.freepik.com

(Does not come framed)

Star Trek USS Enterprise Schematics

PriceFrom £30.00
  • Horizontal or Vertical Options; Unframed

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