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100% Polyester Fleece Blanket depicting Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.


Looking for a different background colour? Send me a message!


60x80 inches or 150x200 cm


PLEASE NOTE: This blanket is made with a **THIN** fleece fabric. It is not a fluffy material, but is soft (as seen in the pictures) with a white undertone to the print and a solid white backing. It is meant for displaying a print and is a thin layer to go over a bed or couch. It is NOT a thick fleece!


Washing instructions: machine wash on delicate cycle with cold water. Only tumble dry at a low temperature, or hang to dry.


Design made to appear to 'bleed' off the edges like a continuing map. (See product video for exact print scale)


*Colour may not appear exactly as shown on screen*

Middle Earth Fantasy Map Blanket | Polyester Fleece | Thin, Soft

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