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*Digital Download*

PNG in A series dimensions. If you need a different format or my North American dimensions (11x17", 22x28", 24x36", 36x48") please send me a message.


**Each regional map sold separately!

**This map is an interpretation of the world of Exandria, and not an exact replica of the intended map. This is an *INTERPRETATION* of these lands and not 100% based on the sourcebook material, which is ever-evolving. [Drawings made January 2022 and may be subject to change as the show progresses.]
**Any requests or updates for the map can be included in the Personalisation option.


(Customized or Digital Download Maps Available Upon Inquiry)


***A-size series are for Europe, Australia and Asia***
****Inch-size series is for North American orders.


Map of the Realms of Exandria from Critical Role's Dungeons and Dragons universe, including Marquet, Tal'dorei, Wildemount and Issylra. These maps have been explored by groups such as Vox Machina, the Mighty Nein and Bells Hells.




Backdrop attributes courtesy of www.freepik.com

No refunds on digital downloads.

The Realm of Exandria

  • PNG file in 300ppi.

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